So you just got that brilliant idea about a new product or business. You’re so excited, you  just can’t wait to put it out there and have people lining up to buy. Before you even begin to think of your idea as a business, have you considered how viable the product is in the first place? Some of the major problems business owners face today, when it comes to their sales, is centered around them not being able to ascertain if their product was sellable in the first place.

The honest truth is, for a product to be able to perform well in the marketplace, you need to (at all times) consider how it is received by the end user. That being said, I have outlined below, the ideal checklist every product should pass before it can be termed “sellable”. 

The first is,

  1. It Must Meet A Need!

This is really the most important on this checklist. If a product does not meet and satisfy the need of the end user then it is guaranteed to do poorly in the marketplace. Before you think about selling a product, you need to be sure that there is already an available market for it, because if people do not need it, they’re not going to buy it.

  1. It Must Appeal To It’s Ideal Clientele

After you must have done your research and market survey to determine if there is indeed a need for your product, its important you consider how your product can appeal to your ideal customer. This is what actually ensures that your product can convince your ideal customer to make a purchase. If there are currently other products similar to yours in the market, you need to create an appeal-edge for your products, so that they don’t get drowned out in the market. What features can be improved on or added to your product, that can guarantee you own a reasonable market share when it hits the shelves. Test it out with family and friends and take their feedback into consideration.

  1. It Must Be Marketable

A lot of marketing strategists believe that a bad product with good marketing will do a hundred times better than a good product with bad marketing. Even if you won’t have every marketing strategy figured out in the beginning, it is very important you consider how possible it is for you to properly  convey the value behind your services, to your ideal customer.

If your product checks out these three things on the list, then great! You have a sellable product in your hands. I give tips like these weekly but its only to a select few that are in the mailing list. Looking to join, click the link below!


  1. Adaora says:

    This is very enlightening, never thought about my business from this angle before I started, but at least it checks two out of three of them! Thank you

  2. 10-10 says:

    Read recently that a good product will sell itself. I believe like you that marketing is still. Very much needed no matter what. Thanks for throwing light on this

  3. Nkechi says:

    Great points you raise.
    I think most of us know these but when you’re running a business it’s easy to develop tunnel vision and forget the seemingly straightforward things we know.
    Plus there’s such a barrage of info available now that’s it’s easy to get swept up and away and lose focus.

    I’m glad I’ve subscribed to your weekly emails. I’m sure to always learn something plus your subscribe pop up is easy on the eye 🧡

  4. Zuki says:

    Do we know this? Probably.
    Do we do this? Most times No.
    Thank you so much Ezim for this kind reminder.
    They are all important steps to embark on.

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